Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Mountain Biking in Sikkim

The experience of dangerous yet exciting sports like mountain biking is an enormous attraction for tourists who come to Sikkim to spend some days of relaxation in the touch of nature and to explore hidden enjoyment through adventures. People from all around the world rush for a trip of mountain biking in India and among all the places providing excellent service regarding this sport in this country, Sikkim is very much adored as a hub for different kind of activities and there are several institutions or organizations providing opportunities to enjoy all those activities to the fullest. So undoubtedly a place like Sikkim, where mountain and hills are prime part landscape, an off-road ride on cycle through the uneven hills, jungles and water bodies works like a magnet for the persons obsessed with exploiting new thrills every day.

Biking through Exquisite Places of Sikkim

There are a numerous routes for mountain biking in Sikkim throughout the whole state. One of the most favorite route starts from Gangtok to Rangpo, passing through a lot of beautiful places like Rumtek, Sang, Sirwani, Temi, Damthang, Rabong, Kewzing, Tashiding, Yusum, Pelling, Dentam, Rinchenpong, Soreng, Sombaria, Jorthang and Namchi respectively. Another famous track is from Gangtok to Temi through Phodong, Rangrang, Dikchu Makha, Sirwani accordingly. You can enjoy this sport at any time of the year but it’s better to avoid the rainy days or rainy season as the road becomes slippery and risky to ride a bicycle. Not only the joy of riding, you can come across to the heavenly natural beauties like snow-white giant mountains, deep green forests, rugged rivers etc while cycling in the mountains and hills of Sikkim.

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