Paragliding in Sikkim

Gangtok-Sikkim Paragliding

Who wouldn’t like to experience the elevated landscape of Sikkim from high up the sky while floating in the fresh air? Undoubtedly that is a wonderful experience one can have. Sikkim is widely visited by a large number of people every year for its natural beauty, clean environment, stable political condition and several opportunities to enjoy lots of activities. One of the most favorite activities here is participating in different adventurous sports including paragliding. Paragliding in Gangtok or Sikkimis an enormous attraction for the adventure freaks as well as the tourists. The wide laid green lands, river banks are suitable for landing the paraglide while the hills and mountains are just perfect to launch it. The sight of the gigantic mountains cloaked in snow-white wrapper, the dense forests holding hidden places to explore, wide range of Himalayan flora and fauna and such things are going to make you astonished while you will be experiencing them from the sky. Gangtok Paragliding or Sikkim Paragliding is a must to do thing that you should not miss to add in the schedule while planning for trips in and around North-east India.

Paragliding Gangtok-Sikkim –Places, Types & Time

You can choose to solo flight while paragliding in Gangtok, but you have to be that much capable and skilled at this risky sport to do so. But the best thing about paragliding in Sikkim is that both the types of Medium and High Flights are offered with Tandem Flights, meaning a flight with an expert pilot. So it is not necessary to be a skilled or experienced paraglide-rider to enjoy this thrilling sport. Medium Flight is enjoyed at about 1300 meters to 1400 meters above sea level for 5 to 10 minutes. Baliman Dara near Gangtok is a good place for launching Medium Paraglide Flight and you will land at a stadium field of Reshithang Sports Village. On the other hand High Flight Paraglide is launched from Bulbuley Dara in 2200 meters, flown in a higher altitude for about 20-30 minutes and landed in the altitude of 1500 meters. Paragliding in Gangtok or nearer places in Sikkim is mostly liked in the clear days. Cloudy, rainy or stormy days are completely avoided for this dangerous yet thrilling sport.

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